he Golden Tongue: Delivering the Power of Consistency in Brand Voice

The number one question I hear from entrepreneurs and small businesses, is “What is the most important part of creating a brand voice?  I have two answers, authenticity, and consistency. Yep, there are several other facets to consider (messaging, aesthetics, personality, etc. – you get the gist), but it comes back to delivering on those facets in an authentic and consistent way. Allow me to take you on a linguistic adventure to tap into the gift that is brand voice consistency and its immense value for small businesses. So gather ’round, sip on your coffee or tea, and let’s dig in!

Let’s Talk about Recognition

Imagine a world where your brand’s voice wavered like a leaf in the wind. One day you have a snarky sense of humor (think Wendy’s), and the next day you’re voice is one of inclusion and compassion (like Teach for America). Your customers would be swimming in a sea of confusion, searching for a beacon of familiarity.  Consistency in brand voice is the secret sauce that helps your small business stand out and be recognized amidst the noise. Your customers know what to expect from you and learn to trust your voice over time.

Statistics reveal that consistent branding across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. Yep, you’ve read correctly —23%! By maintaining a consistent tone, personality, and style in your communications, you create a strong identity that resonates with your target audience, fostering a sense of trust and reliability. So, let your brand voice be your golden ticket to recognition!

Then There is Trust and Loyalty

Ah, trust—a fragile yet powerful bond between businesses and their customers. Consistency in brand voice serves as the cornerstone of this beautiful bond. When you consistently communicate with your customers in a way that reflects your brand’s values and promises, you build a bridge of trust that can stand the test of time.

Word around the Internet is  77% of consumers stay loyal to brands that share their values. So, if your brand’s voice echoes its core beliefs, you attract like-minded individuals who become your loyal patrons. It’s a powerful alignment.  The takeaway is, to infuse your brand voice with the essence of your values, and watch as trust and loyalty work their magic.


power of consistent brand voice

The Symphony of Differentiation

In a literal global marketplace, where competitors jostle for attention, how can your small business stand out like the sparkling unicorn that it is, amidst a herd of horses? If this were a quiz, I really hope you’d select answer a: the power of a consistent brand voice.

A consistent voice helps you differentiate your brand from the cacophony of rivals. It creates a unique identity that appeals to the hearts and minds of an aligned audience. Did you know that 72% of consumers report that a unique brand personality influences their purchasing decisions? Hello Red Bull. Fearlessness. Achievement. Daredevils.  Once you find your brand voice, let it consistently be a symphony of originality that strikes the right chord with your customers.

Wrap it up in Cohesion

Picture this: your website whispers in a friendly, approachable tone, while your social media channels scream in a formal and distant voice. Chaos, confusion, and an utterly perplexed audience! Inconsistency in brand voice will have your customers distracted and disconnected from your brand.

If you aren’t already, I encourage you to create a cohesive experience across all touchpoints and channels. From your website copy to your social media captions, emails, and beyond, let your brand’s voice sing in harmony. Weave the threads of consistency throughout your brand’s tapestry and create a more cohesive journey for your customers.

Well…that is it and that is all. You now know the secrets of consistency in brand voice for small businesses and the gift it can be. Armed with the knowledge that a consistent brand voice enhances recognition, builds trust, fosters loyalty, differentiates your business, and creates a harmonious experience, you are equipped to wield the power of a consistent brand voice that is uniquely you!


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