Content marketing services for social impact businesses

Content Strategy

Content strategy is a fun maze. Cass Butler Media will help you figure out where you are with your messaging and where you want to go!  Clarity is key. Let’s create a cohesive  content strategy, aligned with your brand, to help you cut through the noise and deliver your message with precision and impact.  Cohesion will make it easier for your audience to understand and resonate with your mission.

We’ll help you navigate this content strategy maze and come out stronger, on the other side. 

Web design services for small businesses and social entrepreneurs

Website Design

Your online presence should not only reflect your brand’s personality but it should “speak” to your your audience from the very first click. 

Our team of creative mavens will craft a website that is as unique as your brand and mission. Whether it’s the stunning visuals or intuitive navigation, we’ll ensure your website is perfectly aligned with your brand’s vision. We will help you turn browsers into customers, while creating a beautiful website that is built to perform.

Brand and design services for social impact businesses


Are you feeling like your brand could use a little makeover? Don’t worry, Cass Butler Media has got your back!

Whether you need a total refresh or just some help crafting an optimal look-and-feel, brand voice, or messaging strategy, we can help your brand shine. We will work with you to develop a brand aesthetic that is uniquely you, while it speaks directly to your customers.

The Black Eyed Peas said it best, “let’s get it started!”  Let’s collaborate and create some design magic. 

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