Creating Quality Content Should Be Your North Star

I’m willing to bet you’ve heard the phrase “content is king,” a time or two. I am not here to debate it; quality, website content is one of the key factors in having an SEO-friendly site.  When you are focused on optimizing on-site or on-page SEO, creating quality content should be your north star. On-page factors are those technical aspects of your website that you can influence. Content is definitely one of those factors. A few things you can do to make sure your content is quality are:

  • Pay attention to your keyword density. Your keywords and key phrases should be well-researched and fit naturally into your content. Google’s algorithms, believe it or not, can tell the difference between something that has been forced and faked, put together purely for the purpose of keyword stuffing versus something that’s actually naturally written.
  • Maximize your use of evergreen content. Evergreen content has a longer lifespan and relevancy for your target audience. When you commit to providing your audience with the long-term resources they need, your audience will, in turn, reciprocate their appreciation. Search engines will also recognize and reward your websites’ lack of thin content (based on the traffic, referral links, etc.)
  • Use and optimize images in your content. Websites that use images result in 94% more views. Please bear in mind, it is important to use images that appeal more to your ideal audience, than they do to you.

Creating Quality Content Should Be Your North Star


There are a number of other factors that are just as important in ensuring you are creating quality content. These three factors are just scratching the surface.

If quality content is king, then content conversion is definitely the queen. The goal of all content should be some conversion action. If you have questions about how to create content that converts, we can help.

Cheering for you!

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